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Trade Tower of Nepal

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Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) published a notice on 2064/4/16 in the Gorkhapatra daily to lease out land located at Thapathali, Kathmandu municipality, Ward no. 11. Of the total land, where currently a paddy warehouse is situated, 11-06-3-1 Ropani is allocated for 30 years lease with purpose to construct an office/commercial complex and its administration by private companies. This notice was republished on 2064/05/30, due to insufficient number of tenders.

Kanachanjangha Housing (P.) Ltd., as per the requirements of NFC, sent its competitive bid and was successfully able to get the tender. On 2065/08/06, an agreement was signed between Kanchanjangha Housing (P.) Ltd and NFC for using the land to construct an eight storey international standard commercial building and its rent management for a total of 30 years. Design of the building, cost estimation, inspection and construction supervision is assigned to Cage Consult (P.) Ltd.  On completion of a feasibility study regarding its environmental impact and getting drawing approval from Kathmandu metropolitan city, thereafter, the construction of the building will start from 2065/12/01.