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Ridi Hydropower Development Company

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Ridi Hydropower Development Company is a limited company registered under the Company Act of Nepal. It is established in 2000 AD with a mission to build, own and operate hydroelectric project. The company has constructed and operating 2400kW Ridikhola Small Hydropower Project, in Gulmi district, Western Development Region. The motto of the company is “Hydropower through Peoples’ Participation”. Ridikhola Hydropower Project is an example of Peoples’ Participation. There are 271 promoter shareholders in the company with a minimum investment of Rs. 10,000 (US$ 133.33). Of the total promoter shareholders, 50 percent are from the project location. To increase peoples participation, the company is issuing its 30 percent share to the general public.

The company is formed by a team of experts. We have a complete team to design, construct and operate hydropower projects. We want to share our experiences to the upcoming project developers as well as provide technical support.

The company is planning to develop new hydropower projects in future. Based on our experiences of project development and operation, we also provide training, consulting facilities for detailed feasibility study, detail design, construction & supervision, environmental study, etc.